Encore Webinar: Recording Meaningful Minutes

Tuesday, May 25 at 4PM EST

Presented By:

Cassie Jaeger

Cassie Jaeger

Development and Communications Coordinator, Princeton Community Housing

Love them or hate them, minutes are the lifeblood of governance. While effective meeting minutes are the record of everything that happens during a meeting, it’s easy to include too little or too much information–so we designed Boardable to take some of that worry off of your plate.

We’ll call this webinar to order on May 25 at 4PM ET for a 30-minute discussion about using Boardable to record the best minutes ever. 

In attendance will be Cassie Jaeger of Princeton Community Housing to share how she uses Boardable’s Minutes Maker feature to ensure accurate minutes during meetings and easy to distribute to stakeholders after they end.

Boardable users of all plan levels will find value in this webinar, but Grassroots and Essentials-level accounts may have restrictions on some topics covered. Consider upgrading today.


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